Silence Speaks


Lisa Chernoff

Lisa is a native New Mexican living in Placitas, New Mexico between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. In 1992 she returned to her love of working in clay, both wheel throwing and hand building. In 1997 she began to experiment by fusing found, scrap glass with her clay firings. The results were usually disappointing but often enough very interesting. As she learned more about the properties of glass, she made the transition to working with glass exclusively.

Her latest work explores the three dimensional and textural aspects of this medium. Each finished piece is solid glass but is composed of numerous pieces before its first firing. The brilliant color within each piece is called dichroic glass and is exciting to work with because it presents such versatility in design.

Aside from color and design, the shape, achieved by the original cut and by grinding, can greatly enhance the look of the piece. Grinding a piece into its final shape is often dictated by the appearance of the piece after its first firing.

Eventually her husband became more and more involved with the office, web site and the photography end of the business. He also took on a lot of the non-artistic endeavors around the studio such as deliveries and preparation and finishing work of the glass.

Lisa is an award-winning artist and is currently focusing on large wall commissioned installations as well as table sculptures and very large bowls. She continues to create wall hangings, smaller bowls and formal and casual jewelry for men and women.

Custom orders are always a welcomed challenge.